Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"Oh that's right, she's your invisible girlfriend."

On the May 11th episode of David Letterman, Tom Hanks spoke about braving the cold DC weather along with a kajillion other people to witness Barack Obama’s historical January inauguration. He laughed as he showed the audience photos of his view of the swearing in, which consisted of a guy’s hat and not Obama at all. He admits to freezing his ass off and wondering, if only for a moment, if going from sunny and warm California to gloomy, wet, and cold DC had been a mistake. I remember thinking as I watched an inaugural close up of Obama in HD via CNN from my living room couch while still in my pajamas, “There’s no way in hell that -20 degree wind-chill is worth it. What am I? Some left over Mayflower pilgrim braving the cold winter?” Then I laughed and took another spoonful of Life cereal, which they totally didn’t have around the time John Winthrop wrote his “City Upon a Hill” sermon, but man, those pilgrims were missing out.

While I wasn’t exactly braving the harsh back east winter as a strong-willed Pilgrim might, I obviously did still have a drop of that left-over American Exceptionalism we’ve all come to love and accept like our gothic cousins we have to be nice to at Thanksgiving even though they have that giant ear gage our parents abhor. I was almost too busy thinking, Me, risking flu to watch American history when I can just watch it from TV? Isn’t a forty-two inch HD TV hooked up to a TiVo what God was talking about to the pilgrims when he said America was going to be the New Eden? It surely wasn’t port-a-potties or The View.

Now, with winter long gone, I have this amazing opportunity to see the president speak live, in person, and he's probably going to bring his teleprompter, too, and I am going to pay for laughing in the face of east coast frostbite. Pay for it in sweat, God help us all. I'm going to try not to think about how my house has central air.

Don’t get me wrong. Obama is my new bicycle and my new president and my current crush, but when it comes down to venturing out in extreme conditions for a guy, I get iffy. In March, when it was seventy degrees and I got my ticket for the Obama commencement speech, this seemed like a good idea. But, now it is the middle of May and as the weather man explains that the heat index in Arizona is going to be roughly the same as it actually is on the surface of the sun, I’m starting to wonder if I shouldn’t just watch the speech at home on my couch in my pajamas, if I’m so inclined, where I won't get burnt to a crisp, while simultaneously updating my Twitter with comparisons of Obama to Lincoln. (Example tweet: “Is it just me or does Obama have Lincoln’s chin?”)


  • At 11:05 AM, Blogger Jesse said…

    Oh, you're back. I never gave up on you. Ever.

    Okay, so I may have given up. But your tweet brought me back.


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